Pumpkin French Toast 2 Ways (gf + df + vegan option)


It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season. From the changing leaves and the crisp air to the warm seasonal flavors, I just love it all. To me, fall is a time of excitement that feels like the opening act to holiday celebrations and festivities. I am always ready to embrace the change in seasons, especially in my cooking. I love using pumpkin in just about everything during the fall, so naturally I created this pumpkin French toast – a seasonal spin on a classic breakfast.This recipe can be made 2 ways – vegan and not vegan. Both recipes are dairy free and can be gluten free depending on the type of bread you use. The only difference is in the eggs. I’ll admit, the eggs are a crucial component of French toast. I was very skeptical to try a vegan version, but I wanted to make a recipe that anyone could enjoy. Once I did, I was pleasantly surprised! The vegan version does come out a bit different, with less of an eggy flavor and a less crispy texture on the outside edges of the toast. However, in my opinion, it was just as good as the non-vegan version.You can try making this recipe whichever way suits your fancy, but you really can’t go wrong!  Ingredients:2 eggs (for vegan version, use 2 flax eggs: 1 tbsp ground flax + 3 tbsp water makes one flax egg)⅓ cup unsweetened almond milk4 tbsp pumpkin puree2 tsp vanilla½ tsp cinnamon½ tsp ginger4 slices of bread (gluten free if desired) Steps:

  1. Whisk together all ingredients (except bread) in a shallow mixing bowl.
  2. Place bread in the mixture to soak. The batter is pretty thick, so it helps to let the bread soak for at least 2 minutes, flipping the bread over halfway through.
  3. Cook the soaked bread on a lightly oiled pan at medium heat for about 4 minutes on each side. Once each side is golden brown and the center is cooked enough for your liking, it is ready.
  4. Serve immediately with maple syrup, fruit and pecans!