Who’s behind all this?

I’m Monette, and I started the secret gf when I was a senior in college to put all of my original gf recipes out there in the world! I’m now a working gal in NYC, constantly pursuing my passions for cooking, baking, and teaching the world about this gf thing one recipe or bag of flour at a time.

The Story

I grew up in a family that spent the majority of our time in the kitchen - we cooked together, ate together, and made some of our best memories there. Along the way, I picked up a few of my own baking and cooking skills.

Towards the end of my high school years, I found out that I Have a gluten intolerance. I started following a GF Diet and I realized that the types of foods I ate had a huge impact on how I felt. my passion for baking and cooking evolved into a passion for creating foods that are wholesome, but still taste indulgent - the ultimate combo.

While I was learning to bake gf, I found that many of the gf flour blends out there weren’t up to my standards. Either they tasted funky, contained mostly unhealthy starches, or they just flat-out didn’t work. But I wasn’t okay with compromising taste, nutrition, or the approval of my gluten-eating family (my brothers are my toughest critics!).

After a while, I began creating my own recipes. That’s when my signature GF flour blend was born. With not your mama’s flour, I’ve been able to re-create my favorite childhood recipes that my mom would make, but in a way that fits my lifestyle today and tastes just as dang good.

What is Not your mama’s flour?

Not your mama’s flour is a blend of gluten free flours - grains, nuts, and starches (plus a little thing called xanthan gum!). My priorities when creating this blend were variety of ingredients, quality, taste, and nutrition. The key to quality gf baking is in the type of flour. each has its own properties and unique tastes and textures, which is why it’s important to use a blend! This way, we capture all the best qualities each flour has to offer.

This flour blend can be subbed for all-purpose flour 1:1 in any of your favorite recipes.

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